Webmaster Tools and Resources

These tools are useful to webmasters trying to follow the Google guidelines. Many helpful resources from Google are listed as well.

Rich Snippets Bread Crumb tool

Tool automates wrapping rich snippet markup around bread crumb navigation.

Spider simulator

Tool will display your webpage much the way a search engine spider sees it.

Image SEO tool

Tool checks to see if images on a webpage are following the guidelines.

If modified tool

Tool checks a webpage to see if it accepts the if modified since HTTP header.

Link tool

Tool counts outgoing links and verifies they are functioning.

CSS minify tool

Tool will minify entered CSS code for faster page loads.

Ask Google tool

Tool searches Official Google resources.

Gzip checker

Tool checks a webpage to see if it is using Gzip compression.

Resources from Google and other useful places

Google has many resources that help webmasters increase web page visibility and search engine traffic to their sites. If you are wondering why your website isn't ranking very well or aren't even sure what you should be doing, you are not alone. The questions you have are likely already answered in Google documentation or help groups. These and other Google resources are listed below.

Find answers from Google

  • Google Webmaster Help Forum Questions are answered by Google staff and other knowledgeable webmaster here.
  • Webmaster Central Blog Official Google Webmaster blog provides information for webmasters.
  • Google help documentation Google support pages detail thousands of help topics.
  • Ask Google tool Tool searches all Google webmaster help resources at once.

Learn more about your site

  • Google Webmaster Tools Google provided set of tools that help webmasters assess their sites. Requires login.
  • Google Analytics Provides website insights such as who is visiting your site and how they got there. Requires login.
  • Search Engine Spider Simulator View your webpage the way a search engine spider like Googlebot does.
  • GetListed Tool Examine how your business is listed in Google (tool only works for businesses in the USA).
  • Image SEO tool Checks that your images are being "seen" well by search engines.

Submit Content to Google

  • Add a website to Google Use this form to tell Google about your site.
  • Add a blog to Google Use this form to tell Google about your blog.
  • Add your business to Google Use this form to tell Google about your business.

Improving Traffic and Ranking

  • Search Engine Optimization guide Google created this guide to help webmasters with their SEO. (PDF file)