seo spider

SEO page spider

Learn about your webpages and how Google sees your site. Checks redirects, keywords, pagespeed, title, description, links and more.

Image SEO tool

Examines images on a page and checks for alt tag usage, dimensions, and spam.

Google guideline check

Determines if a website or blog is following several of the Google webmaster guidelines.

Ask Google tool

Find out what Google has said about a subject. Tool searches and returns results from official Google resources only.

Link report / nofollow tool

Identifies the type of links on a webpage and provides links counts of internal, external, nofollow, etc.

Social media count

Find out how many social votes a page has. Checks Google+, Facebook likes & shares, Twitter mentions, Linkedin, and Pinterest.

Requests checker

Examines a webpage and counts the amount of resources and services the pages are using, reports on critical files and lists services.

Gzip compression test

Determines if a webpage is properly using gzip / compression and shows how much the file is saving by doing so.

CSS delivery tool

Displays how CSS is used on a webpage and how it affects pagespeed. Displays where CSS delivery can be improved.

Http headers

A simple and accurate http header tool which displays the http response headers of a webpage or resource.

If modified since tool

Examines a webpage and reports if the page supports the if modified since http header as recommended in the Google guidelines.

Base64 image tool

Converts images into base64 data that can be embedded in a webpage.

by Patrick Sexton