social mention tool

new tool: social media counter

See how many Facebook likes and shares a page has. Also checks Twitter, Google plus, and Linkedin.
This is just a basic tool to get a glimpse of how many social mentions a page has.

Go to Social count tool.


new tool – request checker

What does your webpage call in order to be seen? If you want to know you can get a good overview using the request checker tool.

The tool will show you how many scripts, CSS files, and images a page depends on.
This can be handy when you are looking to improve the performance of a page.

New tool – link counter

One of the Google guidelines states “Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number”. I wanted a quick, simple tool to help people just count the links on their page.
Truly nothing fancy, but useful if you need to know.

Go to the Link counting tool

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written by Patrick Sexton on Google+