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How do you get those little links to other pages of your site on Google? ( They are called Sitelinks by the way. )



screen shot from Google displaying the Sitemaps feature


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Google calls these Sitelinks, they have stated that ... "Sitelinks are completely automated".

In other words, you can't buy them, they are automatically produced by their algorithm.

Sitelinks have been discussed by Google in their help pages, and also on the Google webmaster central blog.

They have also been discussed more recently by others due to some hints that are given by the recent patent that details sitelinks a bit. The new Google patent describes and outlines more than we have have previously known about these links.

While the reality remains that there is not currently anything that you can do to "get" sitelinks, there is some insight into what some of the factors may be that help a site obtain them. See resources below.


Google Sitelinks resources:

From their help pages -

How do you compile the list of links shown below some search results?

From the Webmaster Central blog: (pretty much just a rehash of their help page)

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From other sources:

A more juicy explanation of sitelinks that gives some insight from the Google patent:

Google’s Listings of Internal Site Links for Top Search Results