Pagespeed service: 79 dollars

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This service is for small websites who likely do not have hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix the technical issues that make their website slow.

Who is this service for?

Small business websites that do not have more than 10 pages in their site.

What is provided?

A faster website.

I solve every page speed issue you have to best of my ability within your hosting limitations.

How long does it take?

3 to 4 business days. If I can't help you within that time frame I will not take you on as a client.

How to order the service

You can currently only order this service if your website is less than 10 pages. No exceptions.

This service is designed to help small businesses at reasonable rates (restaurants, small hotels, beauty parlors, etc.)

Payment is upfront via Paypal. If there is a paypal button below I am accepting clients, if there is not, I am not accepting clients.

This page is updated daily. If you can not get in today, you should try tomorrow.

What happens after I pay?


You can email me at

Order now

I am currently taking orders for this service.

Enter your website below and click "Pay now" button to order service. You will be charged 79 dollars. The 79 dollar price is the final and total price, no other payments or fees added.

If your website is more than ten pages, I will not accept you as a client and your payment will be refunded.

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