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Submit it to Google

Submitting your site to Google is simple.

As this guideline states just go to the Google submission page and follow the instructions to submit your site. It is free and need only be done once.

Understanding the submission process

- There is no need to submit your site more than once. Some services offer to submit your site every month or so but it is unnecessary as the only goal of submission is to let Google knows your site exists. Once Google knows that your site exists the goal of submission is complete.
- If there is a link to your site Google will find your website even if it was never submitted. If your site is already in the Google index there is no need to submit it through this process.

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How does Google know a website exists?

- There are two ways that Google finds out about websites. The first way is that someone has submitted it through the Google submission page. The second and far more common way is that Google has found it through their web crawlers which are constantly "roaming" the web.

Key concepts

Submit your site to Google using their submission page

by Patrick Sexton