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Bluehost Review

Bluehost web hosting

I have used Bluehost for years and I highly recommend them.

One of the biggest factors I look for in a host is a very simple one...

Can I reach them on the phone?

Bluehost has passed this test for years. Whatever host you choose you should call them first and see if anyone answers and how long it takes to talk to an actual person. I can usually get in touch with a Bluehost support technician in a minute or so. Very impressive.

Another thing I look for in a host is their features. It seems that recently there are dozens of hosts all offering just about the same package for just about the same price, but the devil is in the details.
Bluehost offers everything this website needs to run, including the back end things needed to run the several online webmaster tools I have which are resource heavy.

For a webmaster just starting out:

If you are a new or inexperienced webmaster, Bluehost is a good choice for you because of their Cpanel (this is the interface used to do things on your website). It has many features that are well laid out that are self explanatory. They also have a great help section that has tutorials that do the job well. Bluehost even has the ability to do auto installs of the most popular blogs like WordPress. A WordPress install can be done in about a minute, literally. The most important way that Bluehost is good for new webmasters is that they answer the phone when you call them.

For experienced webmasters:

If you are a long time webmaster, you will very much appreciate Bluehost. The options are incredible, they support (and keep up to date) their PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, etc. They have great interfaces for each. Here are some of their options for programmers...

Bluehost for programmers

Here is a comprehensive list of their hosting features.
Whatever your experience is, Bluehost offers you many features and options. They have their own data centers which are fast, reliable, and secure. I recommend them very much.