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"Avoid automatically generated content"

- from the Google webmaster guidelines

Google knows if your content is original. If it is not, it won't rank well in the modern Google results.

Below we explain what Google has said about autogenerated content and what they consider it to be.

Stitching and combining content from other webpages

If your website is made up mostly of feed displays, affiliate product feeds, and product descriptions provided from another website, then you likely won't rank very well in the Google results. The Google help page covering this guideline gives this as an example of auto generated content...

"Stitching or combining content from different web pages without adding sufficient value"

Many people with affiliate websites can fall into this category if they are not displaying any original content.

Automatic or machine translations

Another common type of auto-generation is where someone has taken the content of a website in one language and automatically translated it to another language. Such "machine" translations are not very useful to anyone, especially without human review or curation. Often the translations do not even make sense. Therefore Google considers such content not valuable to users and won't rank it in their search results.

Examples of automatically generated content

Google has provided the following examples of what they consider to be auto-generated content

Patrick Sextonby Patrick Sexton

Auto generated content