How the Google webmaster FAQ could be improved

Hello Google, I’m Pat. You have a great resource for webmasters in the Google help documentation called the Webmaster FAQ. Unfortunately when you open the page everything above the fold is information that really should be placed elsewhere.

It is not a good user experience. When I open a FAQ I expect to see questions and their answers, but when you open this page you see nothing of the sort. The usefulness of this page would be greatly enhanced by providing users what they expect to see, I really think interaction on that page would skyrocket if you just started that page with the content. It is really jarring, that a user can see no  questions or answers without scrolling down the page. And they see all the other languages, including scary looking foreign characters. Yuck.

I suggest something like this…


If your content was placed first then the page would be instantly recognized by the user as an FAQ. All of the other information can be moved to the side or to the bottom of page.

Google guidelines updated

update: I have confirmed with two Google employees that these new guidelines were put up by mistake and were not meant to go public yet. I just happened to notice them and I naturally wrote about them.

I have removed this post because I was writing about something that was not supposed to go live yet. I guess all I can tell you for sure is that there will be new guidelines at some point.

Sorry for the confusion. Not what I wanted for my first blog post on feedthebot!

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written by Patrick Sexton on Google+